Ashland Place Preschool




Consistent with our philosophy, one of the Preschool’s main goals is to prepare children socially, physically, and mentally for elementary school.  Our staff focuses on teaching children about a basic classroom format, getting along with other children, and learning concepts in fun and creative ways.  Improving health and muscular coordination is encouraged by the use of appropriate indoor and outdoor equipment. Our preschoolers have a chapel service once a month which is led by our church and weekday staff.

In addition to our regular curriculum, we have Music, Drama, and Language Enhancement for all preschoolers, as well as Spanish for our four-year-olds. As part of our Drama program, parents are invited to several plays during the year.  We also offer ballet lessons after school.

Special activities of the Preschool include our Thanksgiving program, Mardi Gras Parade, Father’s Picnic, Mother’s Tea, and Mother’s Spa Day.  Numerous educational and fun field trips are planned throughout the school year.